Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cisco's $10,000 question

Got a future networking fantasy, a wet broadband dream as it were? Cisco wants to hear about it. In fact they will pay $10,000 for what the company considers the coolest idea for a new network-enabled application or device. For more information, open a hailing frequency to the Cisco Connected Life contest.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to give a large company like Cisco that makes billions of dollars in profit every year a "cool idea"? Even for $10K, that is peanuts in terms of compensation compared to IP royalty rights.

This offer is tantamount to SPAM mail promises where they sucker people into giving their jewels in exchange for chump change. As with any SPAM offer, someone will fall for it but hopefully people will think first about what they will give up - even mediocore ideas can generate more than $10K in compensation. Heck, isn't that what all of the patent trolls do all of the time? Troll for a good idea and then use that to extort not-go-to-court payoffs? Imagine that - a company offering $10K to acquire patent troll bait.