Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wireless USB a no-show in Santa Rosa

Last year a handful of notebook engineers told me they thought wireless USB might make an appearance in their systems built around the next generation Intel Centrino platform dubbed Santa Rosa. Well, it didn't happen.

I was at the launch yesterday and nary a notebook sported the ultra wideband links cordless file transfers. That's not too surprising given it was less than a month ago the first three W-USB chips passed the formal certification tests.

Some said there was enough new stuff—like draft 802.11n—in Santa Rosa and decided to hold off on W-USB to keep things simple. Others said there are just not enough wireless USB peripherals out yet to make the integration worthwhile.

Fujitsu said it expects to add wireless USB to a refresh of its corporate notebooks by the end of the year. But an HP product marketing manager was less optimistic, suggesting W-USB may not arrive until the Intel Montevina platform in late 2008.

I am looking for some feedback from Intel on this and may file a full story over at EE Times if I get something substantive.

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