Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tips for speed freaks

Board design guru Lee W. Ritchey is shipping the second volume of his book "Right the First Time, A Practical Handbook on High Speed PCB and System Design."

The book takes a deep dive, particularly in the area of the printed circuit board fabrication process, aiming to help engineers select the right PCB materials and glass styles to best handle board effects such as EMI and impedance. The volume also discusses issues in simulation, virtual prototyping and other forms of testing.
Ritchey also wrote an article on modeling issues for a 2005 supplement on interconnects. He claims to have taught more than 6,000 engineers through courses as part of his consulting firm Speeding Edge that is selling the new book on its Web site for $95.

Yes, a lot of the value of design is moving up the stack to software, but in the gigahertz era getting hardware right the first time is still fundamental, Ritchey says in a promo for the book. "The poor package design of many recent IC implementations has caused a number of products and even companies to fail," said Ritchey.

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