Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Startup stands out in 10GE crowd

I've been writing about a lot of the 10 Gbit Ethernet chip and card providers lately, but haven't said much about one that is taking a bow today. In their latest report out today, market watchers at The Linley Group (Mountain View, Calif.) are reporting startup Neterion Inc. had a commanding 60.1 percent revenue share of the 10 Gbit Ethernet market in 2006.

Neterion rose 11 points over its standings in the group's last report in 2005. It also grew faster than the market as a whole, rising 111 percent versus 71 percent for the overall market. The startup's "focus on the high end of the server and storage market is paying off," said analyst Bob Wheeler who compiled the report.

Of course it is still early days for 10GE. Incumbent Broadcom has just come out with its first part, as have other potentially big players such as Sun. So change is in the works this year. Nevertheless, this is Neterion's day to take a bow.

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