Thursday, May 24, 2007

Missive for the Sherriff of Nottingham

OK, so does anybody out there know whether Apple will adopt the new CEA-2017 interface for its iPod, opening the door to a broader world of plug and play docks and peripherals? Apple will not drop the drawbridge on Castle Cupertino to reply to my emails about this…nor frankly will the Consumer Electronics Association. Perhaps, like Robin Hood, I should tie my message to a flaming arrow and send it over the castle walls!

Similarly, those oh-so-open people over at the Googleplex have not responded to my repeated requests for interviews with their server gurus. OK, so they are not exactly ready to hand me the specs I so crave for the Google server. Nevertheless, you think they might at least send a polite note declining to speak publicly about what this biggest of server users (and makers) wants to see from this industry. Call me crazy, but I think a little open industry discussion is a good thing.

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