Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mellanox embraces 10G Ethernet

Infiniband silicon provider Mellanox officially rolls out its first 10 Gbit Ethernet chip today, a competent if somewhat expensive design at a published price of $182 for the silicon alone. It integrates CX4, KX4 and XFI interfaces and enables per priority pause, a forward-looking congestion management feature. However, The ConnectX EN device does not terminate TCP, enable RDMA or, at least initially, run the Open Fabrics Alliance software. However it does intend to support the RDMA-enabled OFA software sometime in the future.

Bottom line, as I have said before here, the move is another sign Ethernet will dominate the data center. However, it will be a somewhat polyglot world. For the foreseeable future, Infiniband will have a niche in clustering performance and Fibre Channel one in mature software for storage.

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Anonymous said...

They don't have a TCP Offload Engine. I wonder how it'll perform against others that do have a TOE.