Friday, May 11, 2007

Here comes wireless USB

Turns out Lenovo hopes to be among the first computer companies to put wireless USB in a notebook computer-—one that could ship within a couple weeks. Mark Cohen, a senior Lenovo engineer and manager told me he had a model sitting on his desk today.

I was especially surprised given I just attended the launch of Intel's Santa Rosa platform this week where dozens of notebooks were displayed. Not one of them had UWB.

Whether ultrawideband takes off in the computer world still depends on getting prices down and the number of interesting peripherals up, so this is not a done deal by any means. It's just one small step ahead by the folks who brought you the ThinkPad.

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Anonymous said...

that would be really exciting to see this technology on the market that fast. If that is really their timeframe, i would guess then that they are using the Intel or NEC host MACs since those are the only certified wireless USB hosts on the market. anything else would make it just another proprietary solution and wouldn't have the CWUSB logo. i would be surprised to see them that soon considering the certification was completed and announced in April and they would still have to go through FCC approval.