Friday, May 25, 2007

Flash in the server

One of the projects I will be working on when we all come back from a nice three-day weekend is an exploration of flash in the server. Dean Klein of Micron had an interesting presentation on the concept he delivered recently both at WinHEC and InterOp. I am told a half dozen companies are individually working on concepts for a flash module with unique benefits beyond what a DIMM card, a hard drive or a solid state drive can offer. Among the likely suspects are Fusion I/O of Salt Lake and handful of companies whose names I am not even sure I have right—Physon, Plankton and Pliant.

Clearly, flash is gaining a foothold in the notebook computer with many companies supporting Intel's Turbo Memory (aka Robson) in Santa Rosa class notebooks. Meanwhile Microsoft and partners rolling out hybrid hard drives, and SanDisk, Samsung and others have been cranking up the volume on their solid-state drives. If you know anything about any next wrinkles in this story or have your own ideas about novel solid-state memory approaches, post your thoughts here or drop a line to

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