Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fibre Channel odd man out?

The drive to consolidate the number of networks used in the data center may leave Fibre Channel the odd man out, said my colleague Loring Wirbel in his report from Interop last week. Both enhanced Ethernet and Infiniband are looking better as the long term survivors of this battle for convergence in back-end computing nets, he said.

But surprisingly, Loring found the approach to a lossless Ethernet fabric from startup Woven Systems got more attention as the route to do this than the broader industry effort around so-called Convergence Enhanced Ethernet. It's always possible one startup's hot ideas catch fire before the concepts from a long bureaucratic standards process can gain traction. It's early days here, so I am taking a wait-and-see view.

Loring's report also includes an update on the latest silicon for 10GBase-T, the ultra fast Ethernet over copper standard which to date has also been the ultra hot and expensive Ethernet option.

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