Friday, May 04, 2007

Crossing the wireless chasm

Sometimes this industry is just plain freaky. One moment I am listening to a panel discussion among six vendors with different wireless solutions for video home networking, happy as clams about the future. The next minute I am listening to another panel where four top technologists from TV service providers talk about why they don't expect to support wireless video networking for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps the conference should have been called Mis-Connections. I wonder if the VCs for Amimon, Pulse~Link, Ruckus, SiBeam or Tzero were anywhere in the crowd. I didn't see anyone fainting or in cardiac arrest. Of course, these wireless wannabees aim to get design wins in flat-screen displays and TV receivers, they don't have to have support in set-top boxes, but…

Just to make matters worse, two of the wireless hopefuls are using variants of Wi-Fi. The representative of the Wi-Fi Alliance on the panel gave them a little kick by saying: "You can put in whatever proprietary extensions you want, but if you are not working with other people you are just fragmenting the market."


Matt Keowen said...

The point you make about proprietary vs. standard implementations in wireless is incredibly important. These proprietary approaches not only "fragment" a market but create interference, degrade performance and manifest other adverse effects that impact every product on the market -- proprietary and standards based. These products will contribute to the already high return rates of wireless devices in the retail channel and negatively impact consumer adoption.

Anonymous said...

Tzero STEALS the Show!!