Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bionic man goes broadband

Zarlink is ratcheting up the potential raw data rates for medical implant devices up to 800 Kbits/second while keeping typical power draw as low as 5 milliA with its latest transceiver released today. The specs for the ZL70101 come thanks to Zarlink's tight optimization around the Medical Implant Communication Service spec for 402-405 MHz operation.

I haven't heard of anyone else doing 400 MHz-only transceivers like this before. If there are others out there, please let me know. AMI Semiconductor has a family of parts, but they cover a wide swath from 300-950 MHz. Texas Instruments would only say they have nothing to say right now. That makes me wonder if they have their own family of parts in design. Meanwhile, how cool is it to think that if someone's defibrillator recognizes the person is having a heart attack it can automatically call paramedics!

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