Tuesday, May 08, 2007

2 GHz on a budget

Altera's debut of its low cost Arria family of FPGAs is a statement from the company that 1-2.5 GHz Ethernet, PCI Express and Serial Rapid I/O links are going mainstream.

We at EE Times learned that people were moving to an Ethernet and Express world from our 2005 interconnect survey. And a recent job posting for Cisco suggested the market leader is already diving into 5 Gbit/s+ designs.

That could make Altera's bet on a $50 FPGA tailored to the 1-2 GH links a pretty good one. I'd love to hear back from any system designer on whether cost has indeed become the primary issue at these speeds, so drop me a post or an email at rbmerrit@cmp.com

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