Thursday, April 05, 2007

More people pile on FC-over-E

The formal announcement about Fibre Channel over enhanced Ethernet hit this morning. It has no substantial technical detail in it. However it does add a few names to the list of supporters beyond what I have previously reported.

As of today it is public information that Brocade, EMC, Emulex Corp., IBM, Cisco spin-off Nuova Systems, QLogic, and Sun Microsystems are part of this party. What the press release doesn't say, but you will find in EE Times and here on Monday is the timing and silicon impact of this move as well as some news about a very interesting pending patent that apparently covers the technology. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean the end of Infiniband's dream of taking over the storage world?

Anonymous said...

Infiniband has come a long way and is fairly mature technology, and this is just a proposal phase - there are still barriers to entry for this technology that could take eons. Its a debate similar to FC Vs Eth when FC was first proposed, both survived, both are flourishing. It took so long for them to converge.