Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monstrous days for UWB?

The proponents of ultrawideband technology are at an interesting crossroads. The engineers are scrambling to make the underlying technology work while the business execs are trying to prove to the market it is real.

Yesterday's news from Tzero Technologies is a case in point. The company said it is working with cabling giant Monster to develop products that will hit the retail shelf this fall to wirelessly link DVD players, set-top boxes and digital video recorders.

I happen to know the engineers just down the street from me in Sunnyvale have been working overtime for quite awhile to get the technology to a state where it does what its being advertised to do—make consumer and media friendly connections at hundreds of Mbits/second. UWB has held both great promise and huge technical challenges for years. Some of the early pioneers such as Time Domain and the Freescale UWB group are no longer around.

Now the business execs over at Tzero, one of the best of breed UWB startups, are really cranking up the heat with this very public promise to make a big splash in a short amount of time. Cross your fingers, and bookmark the Tzero blog.

Let's hope they tame the wireless beast for the sake of this technology which has long promised to be a huge enabler and the engineers sweating out the nuts and bolts details to make it happen. The digital home has enough problems without inviting in a Frankenstein.

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Matt Keowen said...

Rick: Thanks for the comments. We have been working hard at Tzero on all fronts and are pleased with the progress we've demonstrated. The whole industry has come a long way as well, thanks to the standard-setting efforts of the WiMedia Alliance and its members. We'll continue to keep you posted on the latest developments. Stay tuned.