Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MoCA maker adds whipped cream

I give Entropic Communications credit for expanding its base beyond the Multimedia over Coax home net standard with its planned purchase announced this week of RF Magic Inc., a designer of digital TV tuners. My colleague Loring Wirbel gives the recipe behind this combination over at EE Times.

Home nets will be a smorgasbord of everything from MoCA and HomePlug and HPNA to Wi-Fi and sneaker net. So no one will have a huge market and everyone will need to find ways to broaden their product portfolios. Kudos to Entropic as one of the few startups in this area to recognize that business reality early on.

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Anonymous said...

It would be good for the home router vendors to realize this and start offering multi-connection products (beyond wired and wireless ethernet).

I'd be ready to spend a significant premium to have a router integrating a gigabit ethernet switch, 802.11n and one of powerline/coax/phoneline networking.

I could do the same with multiple boxes but want to reduce wall warts, overall power consumption and management headaches.