Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The great Ethernet debates

Sun and Chelsio went toe to no-toe today with competing announcements about their Ethernet plans with and without TCP Offload Engines. Sun tapped Marvell as a partner for its version of 10G Ethernet leveraging its multithreaded processors while Chelsio became the first iWarp card maker to say it is using the Open Fabric software for Linux.

How the battle over TOEs will play out is still far from clear. Expect Alacritech who got the whole TOE conversation started to chime in again soon.

Analyst Bob Wheeler of The Linley Group says either way Ethernet will be the winner in the data center. But the rest of the iWarp crowd also needs to get its software act together and demonstrate broad interoperability with lots of products.

Maturity for iWarp "is taking longer than expected and that's opening a door for Infiniband," Wheeler told me today.

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