Friday, April 06, 2007

A bestseller for networking

Here's a piece of interesting weekend reading for all you interconnect mavens out there: US patent application number 20,060,098,681.

This is Cisco's patent request for Fibre Channel over Ethernet and as Linley Group analyst Bob Wheeler points out it’s a broad one, pointing to many of the Ethernet enhancements under discussion in the industry. Although Cisco was one of many companies publicly supporting the concept in an announcement made just this week, the patent dates back to May 11, 2006. It's authors, Luca Cafiero and Silvano Gai, left the Italian brain trust in Ethernet at Cisco to join startup Nuovo Systems that has its sites set on FCoE.

No doubt patent applications have been and will be flying from many other companies as work gears up to define a next-generation Ethernet for the data center. Everyone wants a piece of this pie.

I'll digest what I have learned about the effort this week for a Monday posting. Until then, happy reading. If you have any observations on the Cisco patent or the FCoE effort in general, post them here or drop me a line at

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