Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I know where they buried ASI

OK, no big expose, just an interesting note from a call with Chuck Byers at Alca-Lu today. Turns out the intellectual and financial assets of the Advanced Switching Interconnect group were taken over by the PICMG, the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group.

Since PICMG owns a number of backplane standards including PICMG 3.4, for PCI Express in a backplane, the group needed to refer in its spec to some of the work on the ASI web site.

"Whatever cash ASI had on hand will just about cover the hassle of keeping the material online indefinitely," said Byers. "The group also keeps the CD-ROM with all the ASI specs, but there's no active development planned for the technology," he added.

I had been waiting for some sort of official word on ASI since I heard it was on life support last August, then saw its Web site disappear in December.

There is some interest in reviving some of the ASI methods to get Express in the backplane, and a fair amount of resentment over the failed promises of ASI…but more on that come Monday. Stay tuned.

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