Friday, March 16, 2007

Digital media on trial

Next week I will be keeping an eye on DVD CCA vs. Kaleidescape case. I previewed the case in an EE Times story today. Pray for me as I wade through the legal verbiage and protocol to see what emerges of importance about policy in the era of digital media. There may even be some tidbits about copy protection, security and interconnects once they delve into the details of the Kaleidescape systems.

As always, if you have insights or opinions about the case or its principals, fire away here or at

On Monday, look for news and analysis about PCI Express in the backplane (it don't look good folks) from Hewlett-Packard, AlcaLu and others. There will also be word why the 10G Ethernet KR spec is super-hot in today's multicore era, and a reminder that Mellanox is on deck to ship its QDR 40Gbit Infiniband products sometime this year.

Here's hoping you make lots of great connections this weekend!

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