Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CEE: Making waves in the data center

It was only three days ago I said the data center, like the digital home, will be a polyglot environment with many networks co-existing. This afternoon, Renato Recio, a chief engineer in IBM's server networking division, told me about a new effort to bring many of the capabilities of Fibre Channel and Infiniband on to Ethernet. It's called Convergence Enhanced Ethernet (CEE, pronounced "sea").

Renato said he has been working on this for about a year with colleagues from Broadcom, Cisco, other IBMers and Intel among others. "It's all the same people who brought you Ethernet," Renato said. The proponents understand where past efforts such as Infiniband and iSCSI have fallen short, so they at least have a shot at not repeating the same mistakes. That doesn't mean they won't make new and interesting blunders all their own.

My faithful blog readers can have a sneak peak at CEE if you go here. For more info, see the short story I just posted to the EE Times site. There should be more in EE Times print on Monday. If you have any comment on CEE, please post here or send your thoughts to me at

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CEE = Convergence Enhanced Ethernet