Monday, February 05, 2007

Two last dispatches from DesignCon

I learned a lot at last week's conference where I met many of the luminaries in high-speed interconnect. I tried to capture two points in particular in my wrap up of the conference in EE Times this week.

Engineers are calling for a standard approach to signal integrity to replace the various techniques written into separate, often redundant standards such as Infiniband, PCI Express, Serial ATA and so on. The area is ripe for an ad hoc industry "coalition of the willing," as it were, that could quickly hammer something out and pass it on to a standards group.

Second, the move by Cadence to establish an applications programming interface as a way to model high-speed transceivers is gaining momentum. Mentor and SiSoft are now on board and Cadence was trying to recruit test and chip makers late last week.

The road to a standard on both fronts could take until beyond next year's DesignCon, but the momentum is real.

I'd love to hear what you think about these efforts and what your key take-aways were from DesignCon. Post 'em here or drop me a line at

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