Thursday, February 15, 2007

A quick serving of stew

I've been tied up at ISSCC for a couple days, but there is plenty of interconnect news cooking. Here's a quick sampling to keep you nourished.

For those of you living in the data center, stay tuned next week for fresh details about Sun's Neptune Ethernet design, and there is word from the Green Grid on the horizon. For those of you into biomed, I have a brain dump coming later this week from ISSCC where I grew a few new cells.

Loring Wirbel has a strong update on RapidIO you will hear more about on Monday. Sounds like the group is turning up the volume on use in the backplane, taking on Ethernet and talking up new flow-control and Quality of Service features coming in their version 2.0. Are they recognizing the PCI Express juggernaut will take the lion's share of the chip-to-chip links? What about all those DSP farms in cellular base stations they used to talk about? More TK.

Consumer gurus, check out the latest about HDMI trying to make in-roads into the PC. They are crowing now, but I suspect they may go quiet once DisplayPort surges forward late this year.

BTW, the HDMI folks say I am wrong about the royalties mentioned in the article. The now-defunct UDI would have had no extra royalities, they say, beyond the HDMI charges that just went to administer the licensing group, not provide any signficant benefit to Silicon Image.

Now, I have to dash off to an interview with one of my favorite subjects, Jeff Hawkins, creator of the Palm Pilot and Treo. Lately, Jeff have been living in the heady world of brain research.

Stay tuned!

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