Thursday, February 08, 2007

Payday for Mellanox

There's something to be said for persistence and hard work. In fact, there are about 102 million things you can say for it today. That's the amount Mellanox Technologies raised in its IPO that saw its stock price climb to $17, according to an EE Times story this morning.

Years ago the whole Infiniband initiative nearly collapsed, taking a handful of startups and a team of architects at Intel with it. But the Mellanox crew "stayed the course," turning out decent products and finding real markets for them. Today Infiniband is accepted as the rising tide in high performance computer clusters.

The Mellanox-ites still have a big selling job to do and lots more products to crank to establish Infiniband in storage. Fibre Channel is well entrenched and 10G Ethernet is finally getting its act together. But these days Mellanox has a little more cash to fuel its ambitions. No doubt some of that will also pay for a well deserved celebration.

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