Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Seeing what's not at CES

Sometimes the most revealing details are the missing ones. I am gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show by taking the next couple days off for R&R. Before I go, two quick observations on interconnects.

I expected to see a big coming out party for wireless USB at CES. So far I think I saw about zero emails on the topic in my overflowing CES folder...Hmmmmmm.

Also, while the DisplayPort crew is holding a high-profile press event--admittedly one arranged at the last minute--there is no news on the Unified Display Interface coming from Silicon Image at CES. Intel is not responding to my calls on the topic. Double hmmmmmmmm.

I expect to see and not see lots of interesting things at CES, so hang on. You may not hear from me for the next couple days, but starting Saturday night I'll be posting regularly once again.

Happy New Year! --rbm

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