Thursday, January 18, 2007

Riding the waves at 10Gbit

Get ready for rough waters ahead for 10Gbit Ethernet in the data center.

Today Chelsio Communications becomes one of the first to tip its 10GBase-T adapter cards. But the company's news makes clear this category of products will have plenty of problems getting power and price down and distance up to acceptable levels.

Meanwhile, Sun Microsystems is announcing it will go its own way in 10Gbit Ethernet. According to Sun the average 10G card simply cannot keep up with aggressively multithreaded server microprocessors like its pending Niagara-2, so it is designing its own 10G ASIC for use in an Express card and to drop into its multi-core CPU designs. That's a new wrinkle I don't think anyone was expecting on these already troubled waters. –rbm

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