Friday, January 26, 2007

PCI Express gets coherent

The Scalable Coherent Interconnect and StarFabric technologies are out at the newly merged team of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions ASA and StarGen Inc. All new products for the company will ride the big train of PCI Express.

The most interesting of these may be the NUMAchip, a cache coherent version of Express in development in the Norway labs of Dolphin for use as a clustering interconnect. Just how that offering will compete with the incumbents Infiniband, Quadrics and Myrinet remains to be seen.

Before the company rolls out its NUMAchip, the former StarGen will ship (as early as March) enhanced Express products for I/O fan out and for sending Express signals up to 300 meters over optical fibre. StarGen will also field a non-coherent I/O and clustering interconnect chip based on Express.

I wonder what Intel and AMD think about a coherent Express offering? Hmmmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

interesting blog - but the infos conc. Stargen/Dolphin are not correct. Not all of (the new) Dolphin's upcoming products are based on PCI Express - most of all the NumaChip is *not*. From a public report on
NumaChip is the major development project in Dolphin. NumaChip is set up to change the way high end servers are being built and represents an extraordinary business opportunity for Dolphin.
The NumaChip project is enabled by Dolphin's technology from the work with the SCI standard and deliveries to Convex and Data General. Other important enablers are the development of the semiconductor technology opening for an affordable one-chip implementation, as well as AMD's introduction of HyperTransport (HT). Intel has recently announced its Common Systems Interface (CSI), and both Intel and AMD has published stronger partner programs related to CSI and HT interfaces.

As such, it does not compete with IB, Quadrics or Myrinet, but with big-iron SMPs from Sun, SGI etc.