Monday, January 29, 2007

The new I/O formula: mW/Gb/s

Just as processors shifted from a focus on megahertz to Mips per Watt, so I/O is now going through its own transition. The new metric for I/O is becoming milliWatts per Gbit per second.

That's what I heard from engineers at my first day at this week's DesignCon conference. That and some news: Rambus will show a pretty amazing leap in a paper to be delivered at The International Solid State Circuits Conference: I/O that draws just 2 mW/Gbit/s.

Compare that to the 15-30 mW/Gbit/s for today's mainstream PCI Express products. For more see my EET story. Stay tuned for more details.

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Anonymous said...

That might be a "breakthrough" for Rambus, but hardly anything state-of-the-art. This 2004 paper may give better insight into the general state of the prior Rambus art as well as the trends as of three to four years ago: