Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hey Nokia, turn down the Wibree volume, will ya!

That's the message the CTO of Nokia got at the Consumer Electronics Show in a meeting with members of the PC industry.

As you may recall, Wibree is really a low power mode of Bluetooth promoted by Nokia as a way to link to gadgets running on button cells such as toys and watches. Nokia has a whole concept about broadcasting to these simple embedded systems to create a new consumer eco-system around its phones--something they probably will badly need in the shadow of Apple's iPhone chic.

But the PC makers are asking the Finns to put the brakes on a marketing campaign for WiBree. They don't want another whole network type being created that they have to track. For the PC world Bluetooth in the PAN, WiFi in the LAN and cellular and WiMax in the WAN is plenty thank you. They need to pinch pennies in PC-land, you understand.

Whether Nokia will hear the message and reign in its Wibree messaging reamins to be seen. The good news is as far as I have heard chip makers will generally use just one chip set to support Bluetooth and Wibree, though presumably they may spin a lower cost receiver in the embedded gadgets. Stay tuned!

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