Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here comes SDI

No, not Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. I am talking about Gennum Corp.'s Serial Digital Interface, the high def link for studio gear that recently hit 3Gbits/second. The technology won an Emmy award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences tonight in a ceremony at the Consumer Electronics Show.

SDI has been around for years. Gennum's chips for the interconnect now command as much as 70 percent of the share of this small but lucrative market.

As HD is coming into the mainstream the TV academy saw it fit to recognize its role. Gennum's newly installed cheif executive, Franz Fink, was bursting his suit coat buttons with pride.

Stay tuned for possible variants of SDI coming to other markets. The company has a steady record of profits, but growth has been elusive. So Fink hired his former colleague at Freescale Semiconductor, Martin Rolfheart, as VP of corporate development. Rolfheart pushed Freescale's ultrawide program vigorously but unsuccdessfully against the tide of a gaggle of competitors. --rbm


Anonymous said...

What's the deal with all these ex-Freescale "exectives" jumping ship and running smaller fabless semi's? There appears to be quite an old boys club of these guys getting on BoDs and hiring each other. What makes these guys so great? All they did was take the 3rd largest semiconductor company in 1998, Motorla Semi, and make it the 10th largest in 2006. Wow, great record. Funny, you don't see that many ex-Intel guys running around.

Palani Subbiah said...

This market is not lucrative as it used to be for Gennum anymore. More global players like Cypress, National and Mindspeed have entered this market. Ofcourse, Gennum's incumbent position is allowing them to survive but it is a question of time before the competition catches up.