Monday, January 08, 2007

CES: Thomson eschews BT, Philips taps UWB

A couple quick dispatches from Las Vegas where I have been covering the Consumer Electronics Show this weekend--Oh boy!

Thomson has sidestepped Bluetooth in favor of proprietary technology from startup Kleer Corp. to enable wireless headsets on its latest high end flash MP3 player, the Jet Stream. Kleer has a module that delivers uncompressed audio over 2.4 GHz at a fraction of the power of Bluetooth, opening the door to headsets with ten hours battery life.

A Thomson exec said the company looked at propriatary Bluetooth killers from several companies including Wi-Fi and 900 MHz variants. They liked the multicast feature Kleer has because it could also be used in future wireless home theater products.

Also today, Philips said it will roll out this year a "wireless HDMI" peripheral based on ultrawideband for its flat-screen TVs. The company told my colleague Junko Yoishida it is not using the TZero/ADI chips, but it would not reveal whose chip it is using.

Separately, it became clear from some booth demos Saturday night ultrawideband is still not quite ready for prime time. The wireless USB stuff could ship by April--or so Intel hopes. But Pulse-Link is saying its more like mid-year for its version of UWB.

Stay tuned for more on UDI, DisplayPort, HDMI and more from CES. I'll be here until through Wednesday.

Meanwhile, if you know of any other Bluetooth killers out there, out them in a posting here or drop me a line at Likewise if you know who got the UWB design win at Philips, let's talk!

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Anonymous said...

Here is a PC wireless dock from CES 2007 using UWB.