Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bye, bye good old UDI

You can still go to the Web site for the Unified Display Interface, but it's just dead bits flashing. UDI is no more.

The last pieces of the puzzle fell into place when I saw key Intel and Samsung execs behind the podium at the DisplayPort conference at the Consumer Electronics Conference today.

Samsung confirmed there are no other monitor makers or customers asking for UDI, but plenty are queueing up for DisplayPort. Dell made a great case for why DisplayPort is better than HDMI or any other contender for the replacement of VGA, LVDS and DVI. And Intel admitted they have been working on HDCP copy protection for DisplayPort for almost a year.

It's done deal folks. For the PC, anyway.

But Dell, HP and many others will want to plug their big plasma displays into both Media Center PCs and set-top boxes now and into the digital future. So we still need a convergence digital display interconnect. Meanwhile, HDMI backers are trying to grab every PC design win they can get.

Let the next battle in this war begin.

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Palani S said...

If UDI dies totally, it will be one less standard to worry about for consumer video interconnects. DisplayPort is seeing lot of traction from PC market. However, HDMI has already found itself into TV display in the consumer homes. Will be interesting to see if DisplayPort ever replaces HDMI in the consumer TV. I don't doubt its potential in the PC and replacement for LVDS video links between chip in a video system.