Thursday, December 21, 2006

UWB makes a mesh

Kiyon, Inc. has its mesh routing software up and running on the ultrawideband chips of startup Tzero Technologies. Siemens announced today it will ship home networking systems early in 2007 using the silicon and software.

This is the first use of mesh networking over UWB I have heard of. Even the more mature Wi-Fi folk are still hammering out their mesh standard.

Mesh networks could be a great way for UWB to expand its reach beyond the living room to become a contender for a whole home net. But the proof is in the pudding. Even Kiyon's marketing people are not ready to put hard numbers on the number of hops or latency their solution will support on the Tzero silicon.

What's more an exec with a major set-top box maker told me today the company will not integrate any wireless networking into its products in 2007 and sees "little interest" for UWB among its customers. That's one pretty big link refusing to be part of the mesh--rbm

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