Thursday, December 14, 2006

Third contender for wireless HDMI

Among the snowstorm of emails about CES hitting my in-box was one about Amimon. I was not aware this San Jose startup was designing a third contender for wireless HDMI, the uncompressed HDTV link.

I have written about startup SiBeam and the group it has formed to promote 60 GHz radios to deliver 5 Gbits/s for wireless HDMI. My colleague Loring Wirbel wrote about TZero and ADI's partnership to deliver wireless HDMI using ultrawideband.

Now enter Amimon which is taking a slight but significant twist on 802.11n to deliver 1.5 Gbits/s over a 20 MHz channel for wireless HDMI. True, it's their second time trying to make a big splash at CES with an FPGA prototype. But chips that initially could cost less than $50 and dissipate less than 5W per system are expected to be ready, perhaps in time for Xmas 2007 TVs.

There are some interesting stories to be told about what will and won't work for this hotly pursued application. Stay tuned. --rbm

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