Monday, December 18, 2006

SPI 4.2 update hits 6+Gbits

A new high-speed serial interface hits the market today with the release from the Optical Internetworking Forum of its Scalable System Packet Interface protocol today, a follow on to SPI 4.2 popular in comms chips. I wrote a round-up story on SPI-S and other major 5Gbit+ chip-to-chip links.

SPI-S and the Interlaken protocol from Cisco and Cortina Systems are the two head-to-head competitors in the group, profiled in a story earlier this year.

The big picture: at 6Gbits and beyond scopes and probes are less useful and new testing techniques are needed. That's keeping consultants like Howard Johnson and Eric Bogatin busy. It's also opening up new opportunities for companies like SiSoft that will introduce a product in 2007 to deal with the issues. Watch this space! --rbm

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