Friday, December 22, 2006

No relief in sight for digital display battle

As the year comes to a close I recall an Intel exec telling me he would push for a resolution of the battle between DisplayPort and the Unified Display Interface. Well, I guess that will have to go on the wish list for next year.

All sides appear to still be moving forward in this skirmish that pits the likes of Dell and Hewlett-Packard on the DisplayPort side with their biggest vendor, Intel, a proponent of UDI.

"All of us would appreciate it if someone would sort that out," said Bill Bucklen, advanced TV director for Analog Devices Inc. in an interview today. The company has no plans for UDI or DisplayPort chips, he added.

ADI rolled out its first HDMI version 1.3 products this week. It will demo a wireless media adapter running HDMI over the ultrawideband chips from Tzero Technologies at CES next month.

"We expect to see one or two TV makers bring this sort of adapter box to market for Christmas 2007," Bucklen said.

Here's hoping this holiday season brings you all broadband connections with those you love. --rbm

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