Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Infiniband flying high in supers…

The latest ranking of the Top 500 supercomputers out yesterday shows Infiniband is gaining momentum on Gigabit Ethernet as a clustering interconnect in the world's most powerful systems.

Gbit Ethernet is still the most widely used clustering interconnect appearing in 211 systems on the list, but that's down from its use in 256 supercomputers just six month ago. Meanwhile InfiniBand was used in 78 systems more than double the 36 systems that used the link in the list six months ago. The proprietary Myrinet interconnect from Myricom came in a narrow second with 79 systems, but that was down from use in 87 systems six months ago.

Erich Strohmaier, a researcher and one of the authors of the list, said he expects IB to continue to make gains. Gbit Ethernet cannot keep up with the performance needs of the latest systems and processors he said. Click here for more details.

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Anonymous said...

Why do people continue to compare what marketing calls a 10 Gbps link with a 1 Gbps link? That is like comparing a F15 with a P51 - two different planes operating a two different speeds.

If people want to compare anything, then compare 10 GbE with 10 Gbps IB and see whether Ethernet can keep up. Add in the 10 GbE KR spec being finalized and people find a very small pin count technology ideal for blades. Combine that with low latency 10 GbE switch chips - Fulcrumm, Fujitsu, etc. and you have at least a chance to see whether these interconnects have anything superior to offer over the other.