Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Home nets play the numbers game

What this industry needs is more unification of home networks and their quality of service techniques. What we are getting is more and more of the numbers game as each camp tries to out-position the others.

Today the phoneline camp announced they have leapfrogged coax and powerline competitors. The Home Phoneline Networking Alliance upgraded its spec to support data rates up to a combined 320 Mbits/second over two simultaneous channels. That tops coax at about 135 Mbits/s and HomePlugAV at 180 Mbits/s. CopperGate is sampling chips based on the HomePNA version 3.1.

All interesting numbers, but the number this sector really needs to see is one—one way to let traffic flow across various home nets. We will have to watch plenty of market brawls before we get to that point. –rbm

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