Friday, October 06, 2006

One more voice on Wibree

Analyst Craig Mathias of Farpoint Group pinged me from his travels in Europe to say the Wibreee low-power wireless technology announced by Nokia on Monday to say “I don’t think Wibree will have much impact in the general market.”

He says it is not directly competitive with Bluetooth which is mainly focused on headsets or Zigbee, aimed at industrial nets. While Wibree does sport a Mbit/second data rates at power levels supposedly a fraction of those of Bluetooth, Mathias suspects the Bluetooth community will respond with its own low-power options.

Maybe, or maybe Wibree backers such as Broadcom and CSR will just do as Nokia suggests by making Wibree a low-power model on their cellphone Bluetooth chips and making simple Wibree-only chips to attack a new opportunity in watches, toys and other cost-constrained gadgets Nokia hopes to link to with this new wireless technology. --rbm

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