Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday, Monday!

OK, campers not much news in the interface world today. That and a few glitches in the technical and emotional infrastructure here at the EE Times Campbell office made for this late, late post tonight.

Keep the faith. There’s a ton of embargoed news coming down the pike for Monday, Sept. 25. You will hear about cluster-heads edging into storage networks, storage denizens expanding into Ethernet-land, new kinds of interface-agnostic storage boxes and more. It’s going to be a day-and-a-half.

To get ready, you might want to cruise over to the Network Systems Designline site and take in their tutorial on storage networking, it's their most read article at the moment. It was written by James Long, a storage networking systems engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc., who penned a book on the subject available from Cisco Press.

And make sure to stop by early on Monday when I’ll be serving up a hearty breakfast of interface news. Of course, I'll be here Wednesday-Friday too, posting and looking for your comments.--rbm

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interconnect Guy said...

So the interesting thing about Monday and all the 'News' that is pending, is that if you compare it to last years IDF and its band of hand picked like minded subscribers, is that Communications and Embedded industry is not part of the message. Clearly a huge opportunity has opened for all the other embedded players as Intel and its partners exit the Communications space. Or maybe they have been gone for the past year and the media is just going to see and realize it on Monday.
Question is who will be the big winners?