Friday, September 29, 2006

Ethernet pulls into double diamond lane

Hold on to your computer mice. A new Ethernet high-speed study group kicked off this month. No targets or goals have been set yet but the expectation this IEEE group will have to wrestle with is whether it can define a spec for 100Gigs. Yowsa!

The group kicks off the same month the IEEE finally ratified a standard for 10Gbit Ethernet over copper. Some engineers are just recovering from the Herculean efforts that required including a major shift in cabling, signaling and on and on.

Hats off to John D’Ambrosia (pictured), the energetic and omnipresent IEEE standards maven from backplane Ethernet who was elected to chair the new group. He’ll need all the energy and mellow spirit he can muster to ride this wave.

“Everything is on the table at this point, and we do not see this as the last of the high speed Ethernet study groups” D’Ambrosia told me in an interview for a story you can find Monday at by searching for 100G.

Next big meeting is November in Dallas. Stay tuned! --rbm

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