Wednesday, September 06, 2006

China hopping on USB, Express

EDA powerhouse Synopsys validated the rise of China and of interconnects-- particularly serial ones--with its news Tuesday that it was moving its USB, PCI Express, Serial ATA and XAUI cores to the 130nm process at Shanghai foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC).

China’s consumer OEMs are snapping up USB cores, while its computer OEMs are gearing up ExpressCard designs, Navraj Nandra, director of product marketing for mixed-signal IP at Synopsys, told me. And their favorite foundry is SMIC.

For the full story go to and search for story ID 192501907.

Half of the core business at Synopsys these days is in mixed-signal parts, especially serdes-based designs. The business used to be entirely in digital cores.

Interesting how our cost-obsessed, speed-demon industry is driving the centers of gravity from digital and the U.S. to analog and China . Are you feeling the shift?--rbm

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