Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Advanced Switching: Grinding the gears

OK, let's get started. A few weeks ago, I heard the Advanced Switching Interconnect was imploding. (see Only startup StarGen would be supplying first-generation silicon and it needed a new infusion of venture capital soon. Here's a link to the story (you may need to go through a free registration process to view it):;jsessionid=YNTOSMGCJCY0KQSNDLRCKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=190400383&_requestid=387597

Yesterday, my colleague Loring Wirbel posted a story that StarGen has laid off 80 percent of its staff.


As an EE Times editor, I've seen plenty of major industry initatives rise and fall. I'd love to hear from anyone with any insights on what happened with ASI in general and StarGen specifically and how it may be affecting them. Most of all, what are the lessons we need to learn from this debacle?

Post your reply here or email me if it is to sensitive to share with the community.

Rick Merritt
EE Times


Greeley's Ghost said...

awesome! you dah man!

interconnect Guy said...

No big news here, as ASI has seen a pull out of vendors for more then a year.
A single Silicon Supplier does not make a Eco-system, and OEM's need an Eco-system with multiple suppliers of Silicon, Software, boards and Test. After all why have Open Standards if they are not open and do not leverage common Eco-system.
RapidIO has a strong such Eco-system, with 4 switch vendors, native processors and FPGA's....
All the best to the Stargen Engineers, a great team, just got on the wrong horse.
Interconnect Guy

Rick Merritt said...

OK, so I know what camp you are from!

--Rick Merritt