Friday, August 25, 2006

1394: an interconnect, not a network

My colleague David Lammers has a story up this morning about Freescale Semiconductor taking its proposal for 1394-over-coax off the table at the 1394 Trade Association. Go to and search for article ID 192205070. (Free registration may be required.)

Freescale indicates it will focus more on ultrawideband. The paves the way for the 1394 group to adopt technology from Pulse-Link, Inc., the story says.

My take: Fugidaboutit!

A looong time ago Sony and a gaggle of other consumer electronics companies thought 1394 would be the linchpin of tomorrow's home networks. Their HAVi spec was the basis for that drive. But HAVi has long since gone belly up, supplanted by a host of interoperability specs such as UPnP and DLNA around existing "no new wires" networks like WiFi, cable coax and powerline.

Even Sony's Scott Smyers, who led the charge on HAVi years ago, told me recently that they finally realized 1394 was never meant to be a networking technology. 1394 needs to stay what it is--a great multimedia point-to-point interconnect.


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